What History Tells Us About Squatting


Squatting has been a major global issue for centuries. History will tell us the lengths a man would go through to fight for a piece of land. Past can tell us that people could be willing to give up their morals and kill for the sake of owning land. This is a saddening truth about humanity.

Squatting Used to be a Form of Resistance Against Concentration of Power

Freedom fighters back in our time formed a resistance against powerful individuals. Anarchists of that time understood that the land is a source of wealth. It is essential to our daily life. What if all the power go to the hands of a vulnerable man? It is, in fact, happening in our generation. More power goes to the fortunate few, while poverty becomes worst for the poor. This is the reason why there is such a great imbalance in our society.

Unfair Distribution of Land Continues Today

homelessThe distribution of land has a lot to tell in an economy. Unfair distribution of land shows signs of the impoverishment of Amsterdam City or any city in the world. The pain of eviction continues up to this day, and it is getting worst. Real state companies have taken many homes, planted their facilities in forests, yet they still continue to acquire more land. They do this because it’s a prolific industry and many people wanted to have a home of their own.

The Relationship of Land Acquisition and Debt

Do you still remember the major shakedown in the stock market? Many people lost their homes because they can no longer afford to pay their mortgages when the market crashed. Signing up for a mortgage is not cheap even using groupon promo code, it would still be very costly. Getting a mortgage without proper financial planning is like crippling yourself until you get fully buried in debt. When the land is owned by a few individuals, it will relatively increase debt because more people will try to acquire land at all cost even they are not financially ready. And the landowners will take advantage of this demand.