Frequently asked questions and their answers

The laws and clauses involved in these type of cases are complicated. There will be many considerations involved. Talk to your attorney to see whether this case stands a chance. No matter how dire the situation is, fight for it. We will not know the ending until we give it a try.

Notice to quit details the date of when the owner wants you out of the property. It’s important to know that eviction follows a strict time table. The owner cannot kick you out without proper procedure. So as soon as you receive the notice to quit letter, seek legal help.

First, accepting the problem is the first step in solving one. The sooner you start taking action, the better off you’ll be. You have to be mentally ready because the clearer resolution you could think off. Stop the blame game and the victim mentality, this will not help you and will only drag you down the sinkhole.

Seek legal help, so you also know your option and the next step. You must always attend the court hearing and never miss any. If you explain your case you might have a chance.

The court will issue a possession order. This means that you must leave the property before the date given in the order. If by any chance that you missed the hearing and you have an explanation to it, You may be able to apply to set the possession order aside.

A postpone or suspended court orders means that you can stay in your home as long as you keep to a certain condition. These conditions will be explained in the court order.