Aftermath of Eviction

We hear from the news the demolitions happening around us. We’ve watched those devastating scenes of occupants trying to fight for their home. But after all the commotions and dramas, there is an aftermath. We have not seen how these families move on with their lives after losing their homes.

Uncertainties and Unemployment

homelessIf you’ll ask squatters why they preferred to squat instead of opting to stay in rural areas or their hometown, it is because most of the opportunities are concentrated in the city. Driving long miles every day just to get to work is bad for their finances even they exhaust rental cars promo code & discounts, it won’t help. After the eviction, they are forced to move out even they are not financially prepared. The victims of eviction are forced to find a town where the cost of living is cheaper.


Many people are going through depression, but the level of depression a person can get after the eviction is heavier. Add to it the financial burden it will cause. They have to rely on ecard promo voucher codes just to get by. Leaving the place you once called home is one of the saddest things that could happen in one’s life. The fear it causes is crippling. According to surveys, 65% of people who got evicted from their homes suffered 6 months of insomnia and depression. Most of the participants of the survey responded that their depression was caused by fear and uncertainty of the future.


Real State Corporation Dominate

Real state is an industry that brings money; however, if we keep letting these big corporations take over the land, there will just be more squatters. They move out, then move into another place. The problem is not solved. Paying or even getting a mortgage for most people with blue collar jobs is almost impossible even with cheap accommodation at Amsterdam. And history will repeat itself, it goes to show that men have trouble learning from mistakes of the past.