About Us

What We Stand For

We stand for the people who are facing eviction. The trauma, stress, and hopelessness of getting evicted are not easy to face. It is a dire situation that nobody wants to be in, but it’s happening everywhere. Families are being forced to move out after staying in the piece of land they don’t own for decades. For elitists who are fortunate to own a home, it’s easy to hate squatters. But we have to understand that the opportunities available for everyone are not fair or balance. It’s time to stop the blame game and solve the problem.

When It’s Time to Face The Music

Let’s face it, the government will not back down in creating more laws to make squatting illegal. It’s going to be tougher than ever. At some point, you have to face the music. There is hope for you to start anew. Many communities, non-profit organizations, and some government programs might help in giving you relocation assistance through mini promo code. The families evicted from Amsterdam city pass were successfully relocated, and they are moving on from the trauma and pain that the eviction caused. Slowly but surely, they are rebuilding their broken dreams and are looking forward to a brighter future.

Information Sharing and Sound Legal Advice

Always remember that knowledge is power. Know where you stand. It’s good to know that there is a community you can lean on. A community who is willing to share valuable information to help with your situation. We also have attorneys who can look on the next matter to see if there is a ray of hope waiting at the end of the tunnel.